Honor their memory, NO EXCUSES... Rucking 2 Remember

Rucking 2 Remember our Nation’s service members KIA while fighting the war on terror. 

R2R’s mission statement


Who is R2R? 

R2R is everyone who chooses to be a part of the mission. It’s a team, a community and a family! People from different walks of life, of all ages, Civilians, Military, Police, Fire, Sport therapis, Doctors, Nurses, and the list goes on. All coming together for a common goal. All dedicated to “mission accomplishment“. 


What is the R2R mission?

The R2R mission is one of Honor and Rememberance. To date our Nation’s military has suffered +7,000 KIA in the (GWOT), Global War On Terror. R2R’s mission is to...

•Honor their memory 

•Remember their sacrifice 

We do this in a variety of ways. 

•We Honor their memory by Rucking with a 45lb Ruck in Ultra races. Typically these are trail races covering varying distances. Each race is dedicated to honoring the memory of one or more of our Nation’s service members. 

•We Remember their sacrifice with the families, by contacting and involving the family to offer scholarships, memorials and/or whatever the family needs to support the legacy of their service member. Simply put, the family knows what they need and how that looks for them; so we let the family make the decision on how R2R can best Remember the service member. 


Why be a part of the R2R mission?

simple: to be a part of something bigger then self! To give something back to our Nation’s service members and their families, that have given us much more then we can ever repay. However, by becoming a part of the R2R team, through donations, sponsorship, following on social media, are helping  to give back to the families of our Nation’s fallen service members, more then a memory, a Flag to hold and a headstone to visit. 

So, I challenge you to become a part of the R2R team!!